3 Reasons I chose my niche to blog and study

The concept of blogging was never taught in my English classes, but it is more than likely being studied and practiced by today's students. I'm just guessing here. When I started looking into the subject of blogging I first read a lot on the internet, and then bought a few books.

Those books encouraged and taught procedures, gave suggestions, and convinced me that reading other writer's blogs and learning to write one would be very informative and enjoyable. So far it has been. There is a lot to learn in the business of blogging.

In blogging one of the first things one must do is chose a niche. The niche I have chosen relates to in home health care for seniors both medical and non-medical. My niche will always feature senior living stories, staying healthy as one ages, activities seniors love, seniors connecting socially, and especially seniors need to staying independent for as long as possible in their own homes.

Until I entered the Home Health Industry these were never topics in which I would have taken a deep dive. However, meeting and working with the wonderful seniors I have the privilege to assist has propelled my interest. Looking forward to continue learning and sharing these topics with you.

Ruth Y. Webster

-Caregiver Daze

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