Why should the future path of this blog matter to you?

The fact that my generation loves to read and are also computer savvy helps the growth of a blog directed to their issues. Sure we love politics, history, music, the arts, religion and so on. But, I find those conversations are amply covered by zillions of writers extremely qualified to speak on those topics.

With the help of many able writers we can learn a lot as we continue enjoying great thoughts and conversations emanating from their writings. But, my blog may not fit into those categories. It will focus on day to day living in the home health industry.

There is an entire world out there which for the most part you experience only when you work in the industry or, a loved one enters the arena of needing care. If you are the person providing and arranging for the care of someone else your life may have just been incredibly changed. Or, what if you are the one needing the care unexpectedly?

The plan is to deliver information which helps you navigate the world of in home health services that are helping to improve the lives of others while enjoying caring for others. So many caregivers of family members are feeling extreme frustration, but there are lots of ways to alleviate frustration and live each day feeling less stress. The solutions offered in the future will many times be just what you need.

The home care industry does it's best job with dedicated, passionate, caring people.

Each person caring for someone else need just think what will happen when you may need the same care.

What would you like others to do for you if you were in the exact situation of the person for whom you are caring?

Who do you think that is in your circle right now that you could depend on to give you the care that would make you feel happy and comfortable?

If you needed home health care in an instant how would handle that situation?

Finding the solutions and sharing them with you will be one of the main missions of this blog.

Ruth Y. Webster

-Caregiver Daze

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