You have had your first COVID-19 vaccination, so what now as your await dose number 2?




Last week a dear friend called and alerted me to the fact that COVID -19 first vaccinations were being give on Saturday for my age group and work association. She would sign me up immediately, but I had less than five minutes to make up my mind, because she had others on her list to get invited. I thanked her and said to sign me up!

I jumped at the offer but with mild trepidation. After surveying a few other friends and associates, I concluded that the sceptics would continue to be sceptics and the cheer leaders would remain cheerleaders.

You have seen all the pictures and videos of those long needles going into people's arms, long lines and hustle and bustle. You would think there may be a long wait time and much confusion of where to go or, what to do.


Early on Saturday morning I got ready for my trip which was just a short twenty minute drive. At first I missed the street on which I needed to make my turn.

Determined not to use that as an excuse and not wanting to disappoint my friend, I turned around and drove slowly back looking for the street sign on the opposite side of the street. Yes! I thought when I found the little tucked away street sign.

Slowly I drove into the building's driveway where I was greeted by the parking attendant.  He checked that I had an appointment at that time, then told me where to park. I was then greeted by two ladies who checked for my name on a list, and told me to enter the building.

This was a beautiful clean new area with a large gathering of people of differing age groups but especially the elderly. I was then asked to stand on a line where I showed my ID, and told what to do next. It was the registration where I just filled out some simple paper work, got assigned a number, and told where to wait. 

There were also two pleasant doctors speaking with anyone who needed questions answered.

 It didn't take even five minutes of wait time before my number was called, and right then the moment of truth. I got my shot and headed back to a seating area to wait for fifteen minutes just to be sure of no reaction.  I then got my appointment for the second dose and went on my merry way.

It was great knowing that the first step was being taken to protect myself against the virus and protecting those I am around. Thanks to my friend who moved me along instead of the waiting game I had been pursuing. My experience with the process was nothing short of pleasant.

I left and went on to work with just minor arm pain. The next morning my shoulder hurt a bit and the middle of my back also hurt, but nothing difficult.

That made me start to research the experience others are having and what do they say their problems are with the second dose.

There is quite a bit of information out there to read or view, but I liked the way the article below was written. So, I immediately thought to share it with you. It is from  the AARP's website. 

If you are also wanting to read up on the "what to expect when your are expecting your second COVID-19 dose" this may help. Read it here:


Now what do you think?

If you have already had your first COVID-19 vaccine what was your experience?

Are you planning to take the second dose in the same arm?

Let's see what you think. State in the comments and help us help each other.


Until next time,

Ruth Y. Webster

-Caregiver Daze







  • Thanks for sharing the link to the AARP article. At lease I will be prepared in advance, maybe for once it pays to be a little older.

    Chef William
  • I haven’t read that article yet, but will. Thanks for the link. It’s good that you and others are sharing your experiences about what to expect with the vaccinations.

    Jeanine Byers

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