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You have had your first COVID-19 vaccination, so what now as your await dose number 2?

COVID vaccination

                                           Last week a dear friend called and alerted me to the fact that COVID -19 first vaccinations were being give on Saturday for my age group and work association. She would sign me up immediately, but I had less than five minutes to make up my mind, because she had others on her list to get invited. I thanked her and said to sign me up! I jumped at the offer but with mild trepidation. After surveying a few...

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Being heart healthy through interactive friendships and being prepared for caregiver days.

caregiver days COVID Friendships go red for women Healthy Heart heart attacks interactive friendships mask Seniors social distancing strokes

Happy New Year readers and thanks for checking in on my blog!! Someone told me it was ok to wish Happy New Year until the end of January. So I am following through. COVID has certainly changed our social gathering practices but, there will come a day when we will return to normal. These visits, gatherings and conversation are central to how you keep your heart healthy and maintain meaningful relationships for later years. A few weeks ago I worked with a a vibrant, beautiful 66 year old woman who had a recent stroke. It has left her speechless and...

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