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Welcome to HomeCareCentres!

After a career of thirty plus years in the Banking Industry I never dreamed of working a second career in the paid Home Health Care Industry.

While unemployed in 2009 a dear friend called and said her neighbor's elderly father had fallen in the bath tub, had been hospitalized and was coming home. While he was able to get around with his walker he needed to be watched and helped with getting meals, and staying on top of his medications. She needed a paid daytime caregiver immediately, as he could no longer be left on his own. She said it would not be high pay but would I take the job? Having done family health care giving for my mother and sister, having talked with friends who were career home health caregivers, and this being a friend I wouldn't say no to I accepted and there began my introduction to the paid home health caregiver business.

After working for home health care agencies, in nursing homes, in private dwellings, sitting at the bedsides of hospital patients when immediate family cannot be there, and interacting with family members of persons in need of care it made me realize how little a vast majority of us never ever think of what the paid caregiver days are like should we ever need one. How do we prepare?

Should we give it a thought until it is thrust upon us in one way or the other, or are there ways to lessen the frustration?

HomeCareCentres will help with suggestions, resources, products, important information, tell you stories of some wonderful seniors who utilize paid home health care or live in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and residential assisted living (RAL). How do they cope?

You will be able to use this site as your starting point should there be an immediate need, or if you want to start the thinking process for yourself and family members.

Where will you live? What will your living arrangement look like and with whom will you live?

What are the trends in senior living?

Will you live alone? What about giving up those car keys?

Who will care for you? How about an all day caregiver?

How do home health agencies decide who will come to your home?

What does it cost? Where do you get your usual supplies of food, medicine or even get to the doctor for appointments?

Can you see yourself in their place, can you help now?

Would you think about entering the field and helping after you have finished your chosen career?

 I invite you to join me on this journey preparing for caregiver days so that they will be a lot of fun.

Its a new beginning!!

Ruth Y. Webster

-Caregiver Daze