How are you preparing for that walker?

As one grows much older, or if you should experience a bad fall, your doctor may recommend a walker. In my work I often encounter ladies and gentlemen who feel distinct apathy for their newly doctor recommended walkers. Folks it doesn't make you look old!! Its just a medical device to help you heal or to help you get around more freely.

  • What would you do if you are told that you must get a walker? They are designing some real fancy ones now. That may help how people feel about using one as they get plenty of compliments on the look of their new device.
  • Have you had a loved one told to use a walker but they refuse to do so?
  • How about a cane? They actually have some colorful selections in the medical stores and pharmacies these days. Ladies like to tell us caregivers 'I will just hold on to you'. Holding on to someone's arm while you both slowly try to walk looks more as if you need a lot of help, than if you independently strutted with your walker or cane.

Folks do not violate that order from your doctor to use a cane or a walker.

My journey in this business had me work with a lovely 86 year old lady who never was able to meet me. She lived in a beautiful assisted living facility and as family tells it chose to not use her walker one day. She went downstairs without it and slipped on the rocks outside the building.

My job along with hospice was to keep her comfortable as she laid in a coma. So I would clean her up in the mornings, put her makeup on, and keep dabbing her mouth with water. I was told she would never want to be seen without makeup. Perhaps she would have still been with her family had she not left that walker behind, but we will never know.

Walking through assisted living facilities I usually see the various models of walkers and power scooters. They help seniors stay extremely active and they feel as if they are still driving. Some of them have to be told to slow down! Its real handy because most have a basket in the front and plenty of leg space. Its easy for them to carry packages for themselves and their friends.

Having to use one of these aids is a part of the caregiver's life with you. Select walkers that are easy to fold and not too heavy when the caregiver has to place it in the trunk of the car when you go out. You may be caring for someone now who uses one, so you know what I mean about picking up and folding a walker or a wheelchair. Some are designed specially for travel and are light weight so it helps to own more than one if possible.

Ruth Y. Webster

-Caregiver Daze







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