How is your sleep routine in slowing down caregiver days?

How is your sleep routine in slowing down caregiver days?

One of the important factors in your life to help prepare for a blissful part of your caregiver days would be enough sleep right now. There are a myriad of reasons for you to be sure to get enough sleep starting today, such as, more healthy skin, better thinking capacity and just helping you get through a stressful day at work with more joy. If you are tired and sleepy you will be moody and not be able to perform as well.

Then there are the diseases that lack of sleep contribute to which you can control.  Arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible to help you make the changes you need for better health is always useful.  Here is an article that is very easy to read from the Cleveland Clinic which even tells you how much sleep you should be getting.

When you are 90 years old you will need proper sleep just the same way you do right now. But in order to get there what you do with your sleep now matters. I work with quite a few folks over age 90 most of whom are still very much in control regarding what they want, and will chose everything for themselves including matching jewelry when they go out. They love to party so they will nap in the day sometimes and are very punctual so they are quite aware of how they manage their time.

Never underestimate the power of being well rested. It helps you cope with a lot of disruptions that can come your way each day.

 Ruth Y. Webster

-Caregiver Daze

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